Easing the way to future mobility

We are committed, we work so that

  • Your units are not out of service
  • Your passengers arrive on time
  • You can predict breakdowns before they occur
  • You can always have the right stock of spare parts
  • You do not have unforeseen issues

And safety, a priority.

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We are manufacturers, maintainers and operators of mobility ecosystems. More than 100 years guarantee us. We know your concerns and needs because they are also ours.

50 years maintaining trains. We know your day to day, we share your needs of improving availability, reliability, forecasting materials, and decrease LCC. This is how we can use data and advanced analytics in ways that are workable.

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About us

Our personality is digital.

We are a team with knowledge and experience in both the railway world and new technologies, striving for continuous improvement and offering the best to other people.

The technological heartbeat.

Cost reduction, availability and security improvements run with best-in-class technologies.

We are passionate about what we do.

Trust in our cybersecure per design platform. Trust in our transparency. Data is yours.

Data makes us precise and dynamic.

We collect accurate data. We provide precise information. We make things easy for you so you can meet your challenges.

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Now more than ever, security. Now more than ever, security.

Security 1

Prepared to avoid DOS (Denial Of Service).

Security 2

Unable to write in the TCMS.

Security 3

Having data encrypted from the train.

Security 4

Role based once authorized

Security 5

Constantly updated.

Your data, yours.

Your data under control.

For a total autonomy.

Who owns the data?

The customer owns the data. Only visible to you and CAF Digital Services.

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